Your Florida Car Hire Will Include The Following :

1.Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This means your liability for damage caused to the rental vehicle is relinquished if it is involved in a collision. The waiver is limited to a certain amount and often excludes glass (windows etc.), tyres and any towing. The waiver usually carries an excess/deductible of a certain amount; this means that the renter will be liable for a certain amount e.g. In France the amount for some vehicles is €450.

2.Vehicle Theft Waiver

This removes or reduces the renter’s liability for the attempted theft or theft of the rented vehicle. The waiver may carry an excess/deductible amount, which means that the renter will be liable for a certain amount of the value of the vehicle damaged or stolen, for example up to first £2,000 of the damage.

SAFETY TIP: 1st For Car Hire Ltd recommends that you remove the identifying tag that is usually on the key ring of the vehicle and store it safely elsewhere.
If the vehicle is stolen and the renter cannot return the key i.e. the renter was negligent and left the key in a prominent and vulnerable location, the renter may be liable for the full cost of the vehicle.

3.Liability Insurance

Every country has a minimum amount of insurance needed for someone to be permitted to drive. This covers the renter’s liability for any damage caused to other people and/or other people’s property. It is usually limited to a maximum of €1,000,000. The insurance is limited and there may be excess i.e. you may be liable for any amount over and above the value of the insurance.

4.Premium Location/Airport Fee

These are fees charged at some locations to cover the costs of services in the location.

5.VAT Local Tax

This is a tax applied by the government on car rental and the percentage (%) varies from country to country.

6.Road Fund Tax (RFT)

This is a charge applied by rental companies to cover the cost of vehicle licensing.

7.Subject to deductible/excess*

Servises are subject to deductible excess unless stated.

8.Unlimited Mileage

Renters are charged for the amount of distance travelled over the period of the rental. Many companies charge this for accelerated vehicle depreciation.

9.Break Down Assistance

All the vehicle suppliers have national assistance should the renter require it. Please ask at your local desk for the number and contact details at the time of rental.