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1st For Car Hire Ltd is a company registered and limited under company number 05107534 in England and Wales and whose registered office is situated at 7 Fidlas Road, Llanishen, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales CF14 0LW and in these terms and conditions here in after called The Company, We, Us, Ours.

Where the Company operates under any trading names then those trading names are also incorporated as being within the term The Company, We, Us, Ours.

The Company runs, operates and manages several web sites. The web site on which these terms and conditions are displayed is one of those web sites.  The web site which You are browsing and on which these terms and conditions are displayed is herein after called The Web Site. That term ‘The Web Site’ will include any other web pages and other web sites operated, managed or run by The Company and linked to The Web Site. 

You are a visitor user customer or browser of The web site either in person of when some other party is acting as Your agent and here in after in these terms and conditions called You, Your, Customer or Consumer.

Any action involving using, visiting or browsing or accessing any information on The Web Site will be taken as Your consent to be subject to these terms and conditions and all visiting, usage, browsing of The Web site or accessing information from The Web Site shall be conditional upon Your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  

How You may contact Us.
If you wish to contact Us then You will find contact details on the ‘contact us page’. If those are not sufficient for Your needs then please note the following.

Our business and head office address is1st for Hire Car ltd, 7 Fidlas Road, Llanishen, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales CF14 0LW.

Our enquiries e-mail address is

Rental terms and conditions.
We act as your agent when reserving the rental bookings on Your behalf. We do not act as principal to any booking contract. Your booking contract is directly with the principal providing the service and will be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by that principal.

All car booking we arrange are arranged through Car Trawler which is a trading name of Etrawler limited. You may be asked to agree the Etrawler limited Terms and Conditions as part of the booking process. Nothing in the Etrawler Limited terms and conditions may be incorporated into this agreement and equally nothing in this agreement can be incorporated into the Etrawler Limited terms and conditions.

We try to keep our web site up to date regarding general rental booking terms. You are warned to read the local booking conditions and to check those fully. You will be expected to sign local booking conditions and the contract You enter into with the local rental firm will be the terms that will apply between You and that firm.

Nothing in the local rental terms may be incorporated into this agreement and equally nothing in this agreement can be incorporated into the local rental terms.

Whilst We try to keep The web site up to date and informative everything mentioned on the Web Site is subject to availability. There can be occasions when the local rental firm may not be able to provide the exact vehicle you have booked. You may wish to take advantage or certain extras which may or may not be available depending on supply and demand.

We would expect the local rental terms to include the following within the rental price that we quote. Theft insurance or vehicle theft waiver, third party liability insurance and collision damage insurance or collision damage waiver on the rented vehicle. Under no circumstances do We specify on what terms and with what limits such coverage or waiver may be included. The intention of such insurance or waiver is to reduce or remove parts for your liability for loss. The insurance or waiver is not intended to remove all Your liability. We make no warranty as to what excess may be applied to such cover or waiver. Limits, conditions and excesses are all subject to local market practice and local contract terms.

We would expect the local rental cost to conclude breakdown assistance but we make no warranty regarding the terms or the level of service provided in respect of breakdown assistance which would all be subject to local market practice and local contract terms.

We would expect the price quoted to be based on unlimited mileage. There may however be local limits applied as to the territorial limits in which the vehicle is used or the terrain over which the vehicle is used.

Where any of the above are not included in the cost quoted then You have the option of declining the local rental terms and making alternative arrangements or You can take up the local rental terms as available in which case You will be subject to those terms irrespective of whether they include the above in the price.

The following would be excluded from any rental price quoted on Our web site. Fuel charges, additional return empty charge, local taxes, special equipment options such as but not limited to infant child seats, toddler seats, booster seats, additional named drivers charges, any charges applied in respect of the use of a credit card, charge card or debit card, any charges to increase the level of insurance or to reduce the level of excess and any charges to upgrade the vehicle even if these additional charges stem from the unavailability of the vehicle You reserved. 

You should make certain that You have a means of payment with You when You collect the vehicle. If You have been provided with a voucher or any other booking confirmation then You must have that available when collecting the vehicle. No liability can be accepted for Your failure to have the voucher or confirmation available.

There may be local restriction on who can drive the vehicle and on the type of license required.  You are required and expected to have made appropriate enquires as to any restrictions or requirements before You collect the vehicle. 

By agreeing to be under these terms and conditions you also automatically agree to be subject to our privacy policy. Our privacy policy can also be found on our web site connected by a link titled privacy policy.

By filing in Your data on the booking form You agree to Us using Your data to provide the service and to us passing that data on to third parties connected directly or indirectly with supplying the service. Such data may need to be sent overseas. Once Your data is supplied to a third party Your data will b subject to their privacy policy.

Web site availability.

This web site where it displays information is provided as an information society service where You are the recipient who has requested the service or You are requesting the service on behalf of another.
Where We display information We do not warrant the accuracy or validity of such information. We display such information as it is given to Us without question validation or amendment however We will not display information We know to be inaccurate or incorrect or misleading. We accept no liability or responsibility for the information We display provided that We have displayed such information as it was provided to Us or as a reasonably correct précis of such information provided and that We do not knowingly display misleading incorrect or inaccurate information.

It is agreed between the parties that We have no liability if Our web site in whole or in part is not operable or if it is down for any reason whether caused by our negligence or not.

Where You request the service on behalf of another then by requesting such service You confirm that You have full authority to provide information on behalf of that other person or legal entity, to warrant that such information is true and correct and You have full authority to commit that person or legal entity to any contract or agreement entered into on this web site.  Where You request that service on Your own behalf then by requesting such service You confirm that any information You provide is true and correct and You have full authority to enter into any contract You enter into on this web site.

Where You provide Us with an address telephone number facsimile number or e-mail address then You warrant that such method of communication is suitable for Us to Use and You warrant that method of communication can be used for personal and or sensitive information and or for communication purposes connected with any contract or service. Any postal communication sent by Us is deemed to have arrived 48 hours after it was posted. Any facsimile is deemed to have been delivered at the time that any transmission receipt is produced. Any e-mail is deemed to have been delivered at the time a delivery or read receipt is produced.

Any communication You provide to Us is not deemed to have been received until We have acknowledged the communication by delivery receipt, transmission receipt, acknowledgment or by acting upon any request.   

You agree that Your use of The web site does not confer to You any rights in relation to copyright, trademarks, or the commercial use, of the content of this web site.

You agree and acknowledge that all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, design rights, patents, know how, trade and business names in this web site belong to, and are vested in The Company or are used by Us under licence or agreement.

All intellectual property rights that may exist now or in the future in respect of anything  contained in or through or via The web site remain the in intellectual property  of The Company or of persons or legal entities from whom The Company has a license or an  agreement to use/display such intellectual property.  No license agreement or authority is passed to You in respect of such intellectual property. However You are allowed to keep one copy of any thing contained or down loaded from this web site on Your computer for You own personal use and You are allowed to print up to one copy of anything contained on this web site for Your own personal use.

Where We collect information about You for submission to third party service providers, You agree and confirm by providing such information, that You have any such authority and rights required to allow Us to use such information in the way described in our privacy policy.

You agree not to use this site for any illegal purpose or to use this site to carry on any business or commercial operation.

You agree that We have the right to monitor and record how You use your Internet connection to this site. You acknowledge that this can include the use of cookies.

We may also use cookies in order to make it easier for You to use The Web Site or revisit The Web Site. 

We reserve the right to change, amend, suspend, interrupt, terminate, alter or adjust the service We offer through this web site without prior notification or warning.

You agree that You will not hold Us liable for any change amendment, suspension, interruption, termination, alteration, or adjustment to the web site or the service they offer through this web site.

You agree that We shall not be liable for any reduction or failure in the service that is outside of Our reasonable control or results from an unforeseen contingency.

Liability limitation.
We do not act as principal in the supply of any car hire. We therefore exclude all and any liability including but not limited to liability resulting form tort, negligence, contract and any other lawful argument to the greatest extent allowed by law in connection with the provision of any car hire rental, vehicle rental or any connected service or extra.  

However the exclusion above shall not apply in respect of any act error or omission directly and solely attributable to the Company where such act error or omission directly results in loss of or damage suffered by You in connection with any statement that may appear on our Web site and which is directly related to the booking service. The total amount of The Company’s liability as accepted by this paragraph shall be limited to a maximum amount of £50 per booking.

Liability for consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of use any infringement of rights are totally excluded. Liability for any loss stemming from an electronic virus or other malignant computer code or other erasure, loss, distortion or corruption of information on computer systemsis excluded in total.

At not time do we make any warranty or representation about the quality suitability equipment luggage capacity comfort fuel economy seating capacity or safety of any hire rental vehicle.

Legal contract and law clause
These terms and conditions are subject to English law and jurisdiction of the English courts.

Both Parties intend that the terms of these Terms and Conditions should only be enforceable by the Parties and accordingly these Terms of Business shall not be enforceable by any other party by virtue of The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Both Parties agree that these Terms and Conditions shall represent the whole contract between the Parties and any Consumer unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing.

Both Parties agree that if one clause or part of these Terms and Conditions is not enforceable in law then the other parts will remain in full force and effect.

If any clause is this agreement is not enforceable at law then the remainder of the agreement shall remain in force and be enforceable in its own right.

Version: 15th May 2008.